How do we attract new customers?

Why didn’t our sales team succeed?

It’s a steep learning curve
Strewn with unreliable historic data
Where market forecasts are often meaningless
Recommendations based on guesswork and speculation

But the good news is…

Your customers have all your answers

Your customers will give you their 3-year forecast

Relax, knowing your customers’ growth projections support your business plan. Develop your business, with the confidence that you will still have a market in three years.

Solving sales performance issues - Akordis Ltd


They will explain their selection criteria,

Your customer always has a compelling reason to choose their preferred solution, and that reason may be nothing to do with you. Having inside information means you can make them an offer that will shine above your competitors

reveal what they hate about your competitors,

Knowing your customers’ views on your competitors saves you from the pitfalls that they fall into. It helps you fashion the solution your customer is looking for.

and tell you what they need, right now.

Using evidence from your customers, your competitors, and your industry sector enables you to be competitive on price and quality, while maximizing your profits

This is the inside information you need, to win

Get the skills and confidence to win new customers

See your team’s determination, supported by real evidence

Now you can:

  • Fulfil your customers’ needs
  • Overcome your competitors
  • Become the market leader

Akordis gives you the strategy and training to win

Doing a business Deal

Rich, high quality evidence

Akordis delves deep inside your customers’ world, finding information that is often hidden from view, to take you over the winning line.

Business Growth

Your unique perspective

This is about your exclusive relationship with your customers. Designing your business around your customers will guarantee growth.

Akordis professional Services

Consistent high quality

With expert analysis of evidence from your customers and your industry, your strategies will work throughout your target market.

Get excited again

Call 01300 355 055. It’s your first step towards picking up profitable work from new customers.

Personal Akordis Sales Subscription

Customer Alignment

$6450 – 4 weeks

  • Client interviews
  • Competitor research
  • Industry research
  • Evidenced Market Report

Sales Preparation

$3250 – 2 weeks

  • People
  • Offer
  • Marketing
  • Strategy Workshop

New customers

$1650 – 1 week

  • USP
  • Pitch
  • Credibility
  • Sales Workshop

Our story

Smart and passionate, that’s us! Our mission is to create a global brand that makes success simple; building strategies that are fun to use and deliver fantastic results.


Working as a team

We take managing the company as seriously as the solutions we provide. It’s an exciting time to be in business. We’re always ready to adopt new ways of working to make us better.


Connecting people

It’s all about the evidence. Everything has to come from your customers. The interactions are always interesting and fun and you learn something new every day.


Loving what we do

We have this crazy idea about empowerment, and how our solutions can give your business an enormous leg up. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our customers thrive.

We’re scaling up

Akordis started out in 2010 with Akordis Sales; software that would help anyone having trouble converting leads into sales. Now we are applying our approach to other business processes. To help us get there we are growing our team. We recruit shrewdly. Our team relies on just the right blend of skills. From dynamic macro thinkers to scrupulous micro organisers, there’s a place for everyone but we especially like people who share the Akordis mindset.

If you love what you do, always share what you’re doing and have healthy degree of fearlessness, then we’d like to hear from you.